About Us

The level of expertise of our staff includes more than 20 years of administrative experience with an emphasis in project coordination, employee resourcing, document services, and custodial services management. With each area of training and expertise, our staff is committed to offering our clients a partnership that they can rely on to achieve and maintain business objectives. 


The Challenge: A challenge is anything that requires special effort or poses difficulty in its undertaking. For the clients of Plenary Assets, the greatest challenges have been and are:

1. Understanding the requirements of applications and paperwork that depend on them providing additional documentation.

2. Explaining and presenting their knowledge, skills and abilities in a document form that is intelligble. 


3. Time Management-having the time necessary to handle certain tasks within a specific timeframe.


4. The lack of resources and staff necessary to complete tasks in a proficient manner. 


The Solution: To remove the special effort and difficulty off our clients' hands, we offer a simple solution that is befitting to the needs of those using our services.  

1. As an initial requisite, we RESEARCH each assignment or project to determine requirements. Performing such research ensures that we produce services that are cost effective.


2. We then CONSULT with each of our clients to determine their specific needs. Our consultations are comprehensive and sometimes conducted in increments to ensure saisfactory service and eliminate the potential for miscommunication. 


3. Once we have a clear understanding of what is expected of us, we EXECUTE a plan of action to accomplish the deisred goals of our clients. It is imperative to the integrity of our business that we make certain every aspect of the work done by Plenary Assets is handled in a manner designed to be beneficial to those we serve. 


4. To ensure that we have provided exceptional service, we execute a FOLLOW-UP process designed to ensure that we have met and/or exceeded the expectations of our clients.

THE BENEFITS of our Service

1. Great Return: Professional representation provide unlimited opportunities in several areas.

2. Investment Options: You choose the best payment option for you from our payment matrix.

3. No Hassle, No Sweat: The burden of handling administrative tasks, including project coordination and completing documentation is on us.

4. Beneficial Time Management: Because of the services we handle for you, you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.